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Last updated on 2/26/2019

Bubba and Donna Kay welcome you to our Wagyu ranch located just east of Austin, Texas!

DIFFERENT FROM THE HERD!At Kay Ranch we believe our potential buyers should have all the tools they need to make an educated purchase.  That’s why we spend some extra money to enroll our calves in a Grow Safe Performance test.  You will not only get weights at weaning and yearling, you will know how many lbs. of feed it took for that animal to gain that weight.  We utilize ultrasound measurement, so you can predict what that calf will pass on to the next generation.  We want you to be successful!  We know that you have many choices out there.  We are different from the rest, and hope that you will choose Kay Wagyu for your next Wagyu purchase.

Carcass Quality – Calving Ease – Fertility

We are innovative Fullblood Wagyu breeders dedicated to establishing Wagyu cattle and genetics into the American beef industry.  Kay Ranch is a leader in cutting edge Japanese Wagyu genetics.  We test all calves for SCD (Stearoyl COA Desaturase) and tenderness. When you make a purchase from Kay Ranch, you will have all the information needed to help you make an educated buying decision.

Give us a call and come by to see our cattle. You are always welcome! 

Member American Wagyu Association  http://www.wagyu.org

Founding member Texas Wagyu Association http://www.texaswagyuassociation.org

Upcoming Events:   


March 29, 2019
Annual TWA membership meeting
March 30, 2019
Tenth Annual Texas Wagyu Consignors “Steaks Are High” Sale

Come enjoy the weekend Texas style!!!!