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Black Full Blood Females

Please contact us for availability.  We have a new group of heifers that will be returning to us from the Grow Safe program with all the performance data.  They will be here the first of the new year. 



Black Full Blood Bulls

Please contact us for availability.  We have nine young bulls, 15-18 months, that will be returning to us next week from the Grow Safe program with complete performance data.



FB12865       SCD AA TENDERNESS 7        $30.00/Unit    Volume Discount Available

KR Front Line 115 is  producing high growth calves and AA10 calves.    He is 61% Tajima, 19% Kedaka, 6% Tottori, 1% Itozakura, 13% Okayama.   Analysis provided by Takeo Suzuki 




FB7646        SCD AA TENDERNESS 5       $25.00/Unit  Volume Discount Available

KR Mich 400-351. Producer of many F1 top choice and prime carcasses. Semen has been sold in the US and Viet Nam.   This bull produces heifer calves that will be the eye candy in your herd.    83% Tajima, 14% Kedaka, 3% Tottori      Analysis provided by Takeo Suzuki


FB6538 005 SHIGIFUKU X KR MS STRATEGY 127  MAZDA DAUGHTER FB12886                  4 @ $2000 ea           Free of all known genetic disorders

005 Shigefuku, a bull that never left Japan. Only his semen made it to America. That semen is extremely rare and almost non-existent. Shigefuku weighed in at 1735 pounds at 23 months of age. The dam of this mating is a carrier free daughter of Mazda. She has SCD AA with a tenderness score of 6.

The resulting calves from this mating will be Group C – 14% Tajima, 40% Kedaka, 35 % Tottori, 2% Itozakura, 1% Hiroshima and 5% other.   Analysis provided by Takeo Suzuki  

FB104 MT FUJI X KR KIKU 092 FB12205, CHR KITAGUNI 07K DAUGHTER          7 @ $700 ea     

Mt Fuji is one of the first two black bulls that came to the US in 1976 from Japan. He was 100% Tajima, originating from the Tajima strain of the Hyoga Prefecture. He is long deceased and his semen is rare.     The dam of this mating also brings a royal pedigree for marbling.  going back to Michifuku and Fukutsura 068.   Dam is free of all known genetic disorders.  

FB7646 KR MICH 400-31 X KR Itoshigefuji 114 FB12230  ITOSHIGEFUJI DAUGHTER      9 @ $500 ea     Free of all genetic disorders.

KR Mich 400-351 is a direct son of World K Michifuku.  Michifuku is believed by many to be the most important Japanese sire in America. Mich 400 is 83% Tajima, 14% Kedaka and 3% Tottori.  Analysis provided by Takeo Suzuki.  KR Mich has produced  high choice and Prime F1 carcasses. Mich is SCD AA Tenderness 5. As our herd sire for four years, his daughters were always at the top of The Steaks Are High Sale. The dam of this mating, KR Ms Itoshigefuji 114, is sired by Itoshigefuju and her dam is HR Koko 007.  Both sire and dam carry genetic disorders.  I have tested 114 twice to make sure that the testing results were correct.  114 is SCD AA Tenderness 7 and an important member of our donor program.