AWA Lifetime Achievement Award- Bubba and Donna Kay

We are proud to announce that one of our founding members, Bubba and Donna Kay of the Kay Wagyu in La Vernia, Texas, has recently been awarded the American Wagyu Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award. In honor of Bubba and Donna Kay’s exceptional dedication, unwavering commitment, and remarkable contributions to the beef industry and the advancement of the Wagyu breed in America, we are delighted to extend recognition to them.

Over the years, Bubba and Donna Kay have put tremendous efforts dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of the Wagyu breed. Their extensive list of accomplishments:

-Bubba and Donna Kay have consistently bred Wagyu cattle of the highest caliber, representing unparalleled genetic excellence. Their commitment to superior genetics has left an indelible mark on the breed, significantly enhancing its overall quality.
-They have selflessly acted as mentors and educators, guiding countless individuals within the Wagyu breed community. Their readiness to share their knowledge and expertise has played a big role in nurturing the growth and success of breeders, both seasoned and newcomers alike.
-Bubba and Donna Kay have been enthusiastic participants in research efforts aimed at refining Wagyu genetics and production.
-Furthermore, they have been vital in expanding the reach of the Wagyu breed to a broader audience. Their active participation in breed promotion events and unwavering advocacy for the breed’s unique characteristics have helped shine a spotlight on Wagyu excellence.

In acknowledgment of Bubba and Donna Kay’s remarkable achievements, their tireless dedication, and their significant contributions to the Wagyu breed and the beef industry as a whole, it is with great pride that we extend to them the Lifetime Achievement Award within the American Wagyu Association. They are living embodiments of the values and principles cherished by our association and serve as exemplary role models for all breeders and industry professionals.

We salute Bubba and Donna Kay, not just for their past accomplishments, but also for the enduring legacy they have forged within the Wagyu breed and the beef industry. Their lifetime of devotion will continue to inspire and guide generations to come.

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